Medical Consent

To attend and participate, for medical treatment, and authorization to release information

a minor, give my/our consent for him/her to attend Recro Grief Camp and to participate in its activities. We give further consent for the camp nurse to do an initial triage at the beginning of camp and render necessary first aid in the event of accident or nursing care in the event of sickness and to control the administration of prescribed medication brought to camp by the camper.
In the event of an EMERGENCY we do hereby AUTHORIZE AND CONSENT TO any x-rays, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital service that may be rendered to said minor UNDER THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTION OF ANY LICENCED PHYSICIAN THE CAMP MAY CALL, whether such diagnosis or treatment is rendered at the office of said physician, at a licensed hospital or at the camp.
It is further understood that this consent is given in advance of any specific diagnosis or treatment which might requires and is given to authorize Recro Grief Camp OR THE PHYSICIAN TO EXERCISE HIS BEST JUDGMENT AS TO THE REQUIREMENT OF SUCH DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT.
It is understood that IN THE CASE OF MAJOR ACCIDENT OR ILLNESS, REASONABLE EFFORT WILL BE MADE to reach the undersigned prior to rendering treatment to the patient, but that any of the above treatment will not withheld if the undersigned cannot be reached. This consent is effective while traveling to and from and while in attendance of any activity of Recro Grief Camp and shall remain in continuous effect until revoked in writing or until said minor is removed by parent or guardian from care of Recro grief camp.
We hereby authorize any hospital, physician, or any other person who has attended or examined said minor to furnish the Camp’s insurance company or its representative any and all information with respect to any illness, medical history, consultation, prescriptions or treatment, and copies of all hospital or medical records. A copy of this authorization shall be considered as effective and valid as the original. It is understood and the undersigned hereby agrees to release Recro Grief Camp, and any of its affiliates from any and all liability arising out of the medical care rendered by any physician or health care provider not under the direction or control of Recro Grief Camp.
It is understood that in the event of a medical emergency or need for medical aid, your child will be taken to the nearest health care provider, whether it be an emergency room or otherwise. It is further understood that such health care institution may or may not be affiliated with Recro grief Camp and that Recro Group nor any of it understood that should the need for medical care arise, you will be financially responsible for all costs incurred in rendering or providing medical attention to your child and Recro Group Limited is not obligated to provide insurance nor will it assume responsibility for medical assistance provided. It is further understood that you or your insurance company are responsible for all costs associated with rendering or providing medical care to your child even when such care is provided by Recro Grief Camp.