“The Riara Group of Schools have supported the Recro Group Limited Camp initiative over the last 2 years. The project made a great impression on us due to its unique focus as an annual retreat from which the very needy beneficiaries derive immense pleasure and joy.
It is through a camp like yours that you enable us to reach out to the bereaved children/families to allow for them to have a sense of belonging in the

We are proud to associate with you seeing that your work resonates well with our goal of holistic education for all. Keep up your excellent work!”

Eddah Gachukia
Riara Group of Schools


It was after the Westgate Mall attacks that I contacted Dr. Michelle to see how she could help my staff. With an Ashleys location in Westgate we had our staff both physically and emotionally traumatized. As fear gripped the country I watched my staff struggle to make it through each day due to the devastation they had experienced. Dr. Michelle took the time to ask me about all that were at Westgate and the sort of challenges they were facing. She did this so as to customize a presentation for them that would highlihght the specific things they were going through. Within days she prepared and came to present to them. Her knowledge on the topic, professionalism, ability to connect with people really made my staff comfortable enough to engage with her. They asked her questions and opened up a way they hadnt done before. I am truly grateful to Recro Group Limited for heeding to us in our time of need. May God continue to bless the work that you do.

Mrs. Terry Mungai
Ashleys Kenya

Dr Michelle was referred to us when we had lost 2 staff members within a span of less than 1 and a half years. We realized we needed to equip staff members on how to deal with grief and loss of loved ones at work place and at home too and how each one of us can be there for our relatives and those who are grieving.

In a very poignant and professional way she came and spoke to the company and gave pointers, equipping us with practical life skills on how to deal with grief
and loss and in general certain stressors that we get faced with. Her expertise on the topic made it easy for the APA staff to engage with her and interact with

Thank you Recro Group for coming to APA at a time when our staff really needed it
We hope to interact more in the future.

Laureen Omollo
Human Resource Department / Apollo Group.

Serare School engaged the services of Recrogroup in 2016. Dr M. Karume has facilitated a number of sessions with our pupils, parents and staff at the school. Sessions have been varied, some of the topics covered were around an individual’s personality and interaction with others, self concept/esteem,communication and balancing expectations – individual vs family vs society. Each session was very engaging and all participants have benefited with the interaction. We shall continue our relationship for a while.



As a Counseling Psychologist, I am passionate about helping people tonavigate through life’s challenges and make positive changes in their lives. Recro Group Limited gives me an opportunity to live out this passion through the Annual Recro Grief Camp. Observing the campers arrive at the event appearing reserved and then seeing the laughter and expressions of happiness on their faces at the end of the experience is very rewarding. Being a part of this event has been a great source of joy as I watch the campers grow and get help to face various situations. The campers are equipped with tools to help them learn how to manage different seasons of life. I hope that more campers would get to benefit from this opportunity.

The camp was professionally organized and it was evident from the staff, facilitators and resources present that the campers were in safe hands. There was keen attention to detail on all matters concerning the camp and the campers to create a memorable experience of the event. Thank you Recro Group Limited for giving campers a space to have the freedom to express their joys and cares and recognize that they are valued in this world. I look forward to working on more engagements and events with Recro to positively impact the lives ofpeople around us.

Thank you Recro for the great work that you are doing,
Michelle Wanjiku
Counseling Psychologist

Volunteering at the annual Recro Grief Camp has been a life transforming experience. The growth and help the campers get from this event is something I wish other children in their circumstances would get to experience.The organization, professionalism and heart of Recro is something i would like to see in many organizations.

Thank you for the privilege of being part of something so noble.

Nancy Mirera
Counselling Psychologist


At some point in our lives we all go through grief. It is such a deeply personal process and yet we all experience many of the same emotions at some point in the grief process. Being a part of the grief camp has shown me in such a real way the profound effect of sharing in a group can have as part of ones healing process. For many, the realization that no matter the age or which part of the grief process one is or how long one has been grieving there are others who feel anger, sadness, fear and a host of other emotions helps tremendously in the process of grief. Greif camp is a safe way to express all this and more.

Anita Awuor