‘Dedicated to facilitating restoration through various mediums`

When Dr. Michelle Karume moved back to Kenya from the United States Of America, it became very clear that her expertise and passion would collide in very diverse ways. Teaching, psychotherapy, training and research are ways in which she intrinsically imparts knowledge and restores relationships.

With a belief that the family unit is the training ground for life and that healthy relationships; professional or otherwise are the cornerstone for success, she is passionate about; Marriage and Family Therapy, Medical Family Therapy, Collaborative care and Program Development. All of which afford her the platforms of doing psychotherapy in Nairobi; and teaching Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate level students at the University.

With extensive clinical experience, teaching and training experience Dr. Karume has worked with clients, students and individuals from exceptionally diverse backgrounds. It is this diversity that gives her the appreciation for culture, difference, education and awareness. 

Her current areas of clinical, research and development interest are:

  • In research- looking at the correlation of `Early Childhood trauma and adult disease`.
  • In Program Development-developing accredited Marriage and Family Therapy programs in Kenya.
  • In teaching-how to improve the caliber of students so as to produceproficient and competent professionals.
  •   Psychotherapy- using the Bio psychosocial-spiritual framework to heighten the importance of emotional care.

Her education background includes a BA in Psychology from the University of Houston-Main, A Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy with a concentration in Medical Family Therapy from Loma Linda University.

As a Godmother and aunt her most favorite moments are those spent in the giggles and joys of her nieces and nephews. She considers them her greatest teachers for their innocence and charge at life are inspiring.

Dr. Karume considers herself a student of life is actively engaged professional
and personal development.