Signs you need to see a therapist

Step 1 of 2 - FOR YOURSELF

  • a. Are you generally doing well, you have been working on being successful in all aspects of your life, you have been working on being true to your self and maintaining healthy boundaries and relationships but you want to make sure you are on the right track.
  • a. Is your self esteem low, you are in a relationship you should not be in, you are making unhealthy choices and getting involved with things that you not good.
  • a. You no longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy.
  • b. Getting out of bed is a struggle; your eating and or sleeping habits have changed.
  • c. You have been isolating yourself, drinking alcohol more then your usual intake, use of drugs.
  • a. Is your relationship(s) struggling. Are you having a hard time articulating how you feel?
  • a. Do you or a loved one have a medical issue that is causing some emotional challenges?
  • b. You are not sure how to handle the emotions that come with an illness?
  • c. You are a caregiver of someone sick and you are getting burnt out but feel guilty for even having that thought.
  • a. You have gone through a difficult situation and you don`t know how to deal with the symptoms of the situation.
  • b. You can`t stop thinking about it and its affecting your work and life.
  • c. You are a victim of abuse-emotional, physical, verbal, sexual abuse
  • a. You are just not feeling yourself
  • relationships with yourself, and other`s.
  • a. Have you lost a loved one through death and are struggling to cope?