Signs you need to see a therapist!


Individual therapy

It might be an experience you have gone through, or some life challenges you have been dealing with-individual therapy would be a great option for you. Or perhaps you want to ensure that as an individual you are doing well emotionally, or you need an emotional check-up Individual therapy is right for you.

Family Therapy

It is our belief here at Recro that the family unit is the training ground for life. A family coming to therapy would be one that had identified some issues that are affecting the entire unit and need help. Family therapy should be an option you take so as to heal the family. Often times it could be that there is a family member who is having trouble-instead of isolating the individual at Recro we work from a systemic lens which means that we include the family in various ways as a way of helping the individual cope with his/her challenges: and ultimately heal the family.

Couples Therapy

Whereas we do not do pre-marital counseling you may either be in a serious relationship, or in a relationship that seems to be getting serious and you want to ensure that you are both making the right choice-couples therapy would be a good idea. OR you are married and are having some trouble in your relationship-couples therapy should be sought so as help you try to streamline some of those issues.  Couple challenges are arguably the most challenging-don`t go through them alone, here at Recro we believe it is possible to heal through relationships so let us help.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective way to work on and learn about various topic areas that affect you. Group psychotherapy has been found to be a viable treatment plan in psychotherapy with great benefits to its members.

For example, Parenting-apart-difficult as it is for all family members splitting the family is sometimes the result due to some reason or other. As parents however-your number one goal is to parent the children in the best way possible. You may not get along as the couple but when it comes to parenting-you owe it to the children to be on the same page. So the Parenting-apart group would be strongly recommended.

Groups are formulated based on needs identified and so will vary on topic

Recro Grief Camp

For our silent mourners this camp is for them. For girls and boys ages 10-16 who have lost through death a sibling or a parent and you as the parent/guardian notice some adverse changes or are simply wondering how they are dealing with the death-camp is a fantastic opportunity for them to mourn and adjust in a healthy way. Please sign them up the next annual camp.

Speaking engagement/Corporate.

The success of business or corporate organizations is pegged on how well their employees are doing. Some topic areas such as emotional intelligence, grief and loss at the work place, self awareness and increased self esteem, business dealing with a tough year either through political climate or unfavorable choices made or the importance of culture forming in the workplace have been found to be viable options for.  Go ahead and call to schedule a talk at your organization.


‘Dedicated to facilitating restoration through various mediums`

When Dr. Michelle Karume moved back to Kenya from the United States Of America, it became very clear that her expertise and passion would collide in very diverse ways. Teaching, psychotherapy, training and research are ways in which she intrinsically imparts knowledge and restores relationships.

With a belief that the family unit is the training ground for life and that healthy relationships; professional or otherwise are the cornerstone for success, she is passionate about; Marriage and Family Therapy, Medical Family Therapy, Collaborative care and Program Development. All of which afford her the platforms of doing psychotherapy in Nairobi; and teaching Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate level students at the University.



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